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Since the 1990s, when the Internet with emailing and the World Wide Web became more and more popular, genealogy, research on the origins of families, gained a new impetus in many countries. New ways and much easier access to archives and other sources which formerly were only accessible with more difficulty, or not at all, and above all, fast and simple communication, even international and intercontinental, today make it possible that the oral and partially written ancestral traditions existing in many families may be checked against original sources, and existing pedigrees to be expanded both deeper into the past as well as in width.

In addition there are unlimited possibilities, of course, by the simple and fast communication with other genealogists, who somewhere in their pedigree touch or share branches in the widely ramified branches of our family tree. And here is the place where I want to thank many, many people who have helped me to collect all these data and information. It is only possible to mention just a small selection of names:


Peg Kennedy

Ned Benson

Ricardo Scheihing

Joan Gunn

Jeff Clayton

Karen Bell

Gary Agre

Sara Shorin

Celia Mitschelen

Rudolf Theurer

Peter, Klaus, Günter und Ruth Zerweck


Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck

Thomas Scharnowski

and many, many more


Now the third stage how to use the internet in genealogy is to publish all the collected data in the WWW. If the program used (here: TNG GedView) allows to edit data directly in the network, not just to upload occasionally updated intermediate results, then the current state of knowledge is accessible simultaneously by all interested parties, at any time – which was not possible with book publishing and not even with the earlier internet programs. In extreme cases it becomes even possible that several genealogists work simultaneously on different branches of the same pedigree,

modifications and new results being immediately visible to all visitors.

On the other hand, this widespread and open accessibility of personal data of course also may be dangerous. For this reason, names and data of all living people generally are not visible to non-registered visitors

Registered attendees, however, can be authorized to view such otherwise hidden data of living people in certain branches of the family tree. It is just one of the objectives of this internet publication that each family member should be able to review his own data and data from his/her immediate relatives - and if something is wrong – to ask me for correction.

Now I hope that you enjoy browsing thru our family tree. Before starting, please read the little introduction. Then it should not be difficult to become rapidly familiar with the structure and the possibilities of the program.


January 20, 2010

Günter Zerweck                                                  


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